Runners lace-up to race for a cure

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--Hundreds of people laced up their running shoes Saturday morning to help raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

"My mom had breast cancer, she passed away seven years ago from it and my office put together a team," said Pam Wise.

"The owner's wife has had cancer and I thought this would be a good tribute," said Carol Szabo.

Runner Cindy Burns said "The Komen Foundation is a good cause to be running for and my friend Apple is helping out with the event."

Runners say it's the sense of family and community that makes this race so special.

"It's a personal race," said Haley Sesterhenn. "They have reasons to run and when they see the people who survived and the groups of people who support them. Or you see the honor plaques on people's backs about why they're running. It really means a lot and it really brings it home."
Even the Penn High School soccer team formed a team.
"I guess just for the cause and everyones out here so happy and excited to be raising money for the foundation," said Gavin Hoffman, Penn High School soccer team.
Personal cheerleaders and countless volunteers showed support from the sidelines, and they all say they'll be back next year.
"Most definitely yes. I will be here next year," said Patricia Barnhart, first-time volunteer.

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