Messy weather could delay holiday package delivery

NOW: Messy weather could delay holiday package delivery

The past week has been good weather, not just for shoppers but for those making deliveries too! The time is counting down to send holiday packages to your friends and families by Christmas day.

If you want your package to make it anywhere by Christmas via USPS, the deadline for priority and first class mail is Thursday, and for UPS second day air, it's Thursday as well. Of course, the weather could cause delays.

If you are hoping a package is delivered at its destination on Thursday, the weather should be fine across the country, but by Thursday night the weather will get messy. A big system is moving across the east coast over the coming days, bringing heavy and steady rain, and breezy winds. This could be an issue for planes.

Weather conditions that lead to delays at the airports are low clouds and visibility less than three miles and winds over twenty-three mph. All of these conditions could very well be occurring across parts of the east coast starting Thursday and lasting until Saturday. By Saturday afternoon a snowy system will move across the northern plains, but everywhere else is looking clear. Another system will move into the northwest U.S. by Monday, creating messy conditions. If you are sending a package west, do it ASAP.

If you are sending packages within the Midwest, you will not have to worry about any weather delays.

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