RV company using diversity to thrive

GOSHEN, Ind. – Keystone RV company celebrated their one millionth manufactured RV—a rare feat for any company in the RV capital of the world.

After 23 years the whole company, friends, and family gathered together to see the physical representation of their hard work and dedication be driven away. They chose their flagship model, the Montana 3761, fifth wheel RV to be their shining star.

While this milestone marks years of growth it also served as a reminder to the Elkhart and local business communities that they cannot put all of their proverbial eggs in one, RV shaped basket. This hesitance stems from the recession in 2008 that devastated many businesses big and small around the country.  

However the country has learned from their mistakes and have taken those lessons with them. That includes major businesses like Keystone RV company along with growing ones like Reveille Transpo--a bussing service created with diversification in mind thanks to entrepreneur and company lead, Ernesto Rivas.

He said that he is proud to have found a missing niche in Elkhart and was able to create a company that helps people--whether it through driving people to work or events, hiring local drivers or sharing the platforms available to people trying to create their own company. Because when everyone is working together to fill the gaps--everyone wins. 

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