Sad crowds file into State Fair

The State Fair reopened Monday for the first time since Saturday's tragedy. 

People began filing in Monday morning, as soon as the gates opened.  Many people had sad faces. 

A lot of people said they wanted to come out and support the fair, but it is difficult for many to try to have a good time, so soon after the accident. 

"It affected our whole city and state, I think. It really did, that was a huge tragedy. Totally unexpected tragedy.  It's going to cast some kind of a shadow on it," said Pam Brown of Indianapolis.

Some people said they considered not attending the fair today because of the accident, but they knew if they stayed home that vendors, as well as the fair, would suffer even more.

How do you feel about attending the fair?  Do you still plan to go, or is it too sad for you to be there?  Please participate in our web poll, or share your opinions on our ABC 57 Facebook page.

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