Saint Pius Priest Father Bill celebrates his final mass

GRANGER, Ind. -- This morning a special mass was held at Saint Pius Catholic Church, honoring the service of their priest who is retiring after his 23 years at the parish.

Father Bill, who his parish says is an example of faith, and even serves as a father figure, is retiring from his administration duties at Saint Pius and celebrated his final mass with parishioners.

"Father Bill has watched my family, children grow up since they were born. He gave them all the sacraments. And it's just been a joy to have that father figure, second father figure or grandfather figure in our lives," stated parishioner Betsy Quinn.

Father Bill had this to say following his final mass, "but I'm not retiring for being a priest. I'll be helping around the area. For people who need help me. Priests need help, m retiring from administration."

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