Salvation Army behind on donations

ST. JOSEPH CO, Ind. -- With Christmas just two weeks away, families still need your help.

On Monday, the Salvation Army released their mid-campaign totals. It looks like they are behind on donations.

In a phone interview, Meg Sauer, the Marketing and Communications Director for the Kroc Center said, "The Salvation Army asks that as you get ready to donate to various charities at the end of the year, before tax time, please think of the Salvation Army."

As of last Friday, the organization said they have only met 45 percent of their goal.

Donations can be given at your community red kettle or through the mail.

Major Steven Woodard of the Salvation Army said, "So this is our big push and we really can't do it without the community's efforts to say 'Here is a quarter.' or 'Here is a dollar in that bucket.' That money can make a real difference for families who need help."

There are some new high-tech ways of giving this year:

  • Credit Card Gift by phone: Contact The Salvation Army at their toll-free number available 24-hours a day: (877) 995-5600. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
  • Check or money order. Mail contributions to:

The Salvation Army
P.O. Box 566
South Bend, IN 46624

  • Donate online at the Salvation Army website.
  • Set up a virtual kettle online and link it to your Facebook page. For instructions on how to get started, click here.

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