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Same X-rated photo turns up in mailbox at two South Bend agencies

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Another South Bend agency says it got a lewd picture in the mail.

The South Bend Fire Department got some pornographic photos in the mail last week,and now it turns out the firefighters were not the only ones to receive the raunchy photos.

The South Bend's American Red Cross Chapter says the same photo turned up in their mailbox too.

Police still do not want to reveal too much information about the pictures, because of the on going investigation. However, police did say the pictures were professional, pornographic photos.

In other words, police do not think the person snapped and developed the shots on their own.

Executive Director John Pinter said The American Red Cross does not get tons of mail, and when it does it usually is not a pornographic photo." It was very unusual and upsetting to those involved, but most of the mail that we receive is nice stuff".

The mailbox is usually full of thank-you cards, donations, and military family registration requests, but on December 7 employees opened up one of their pre-addressed envelopes and found an x-rated picture.


"The two people that were there that day were shocked to receive this because obviously they didn't expect this at all," said Pinter.


Pinter said they send out envelopes with every newsletter, which goes out to roughly 3,500 people throughout the community. The organization didn't think much of the photo at  and decided not to report it to police, until employees discovered the fire department had received the exact same photo. "It does seem to be a strange pattern, that is for sure," said Pinter.


The South Bend Fire Department received the exact same photo in the exact same way, in an envelope that came from its own office. Once the connection was discovered, the American Red Cross handed the photo over to the South Bend Police Department.


Police say no obvious laws have been broken at this time, but they say they will continue to watch this closely because it could become harassment if the pictures keep coming.


As for the fire department, firefighters tell police they say still believe it could be a disgruntled ex-employee, despite the connection being made.




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