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Sandusky jurors continue to deliberate

BELLEFONTE, Pa. -- The 12 jurors in the Jerry Sandusky trial continue deliberations for a second day.

The jurors asked to hear a replay of the two-and-a-half hours of testimony of former football assistant of Mike McQuery and his neighbor.

"He's been around this community doing things, good things, for a number of years. So I think they're going to take this very slowly and very seriously," Roger Cossack, ESPN legal analyst said.

The defense has not said anything about the revelation made before closing arguments.

Matt Sandusky, the 33-year-old adopted son of Jerry Sandusky, approached prosecutors claiming that he was a victim of Sandusky's abuse.

Throughout the trial the son had been sitting next to his mother's side in support of Jerry.

"To suddenly change his mind and come forward would have really opened him up for serious cross examination," Cossack said.

Sources tell ABC News that Matt Sandusky would have been a prosecution witness if--and only if--Jerry Sandusky had taken the stand and testified that he never sexually abused any of his own children.

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