Save the Knollwood soccer fields

GRANGER, Ind.-- If you grew up in the area and played soccer, you'll remember the Knollwood Fields in Granger. But when the owner passed away,the land went to her family estate. Now if community members don't raise enough money to buy the land back by December, it'll go up for sale.

Zig-zagging through the cones and to the goal. One drill that thousands of kids practice here at the Knollwood Fields in Granger. But now the fields are up for sale and in danger of being lost to redevelopment.

"Kids have been playing soccer on these fields since 1978," said Clare Roach, resident of Granger. "So not only do we know a ton of people that have kids that played here, we know a lot of people who played here when they were kids."

The fields are under contract with MSA until December. But if the community doesn't raise $180,000 by mid-December, the fields will go up for sale.

"If we lose these fields all these families can be looking at driving 20-25 minutes and that really does impact a family's day-to-day existence," said Roach. "It's the difference between having a family dinner at night and running through the drive-thru at McDonalds."

One former coach says losing the fields will do more than just upset the thousands of kids who love to play here.

"I think a lot of children would be upset losing these fields and I think a lot of families," said Michael Lacognato, resident of Granger. "We have to look at it in a broader spectrum and realize it's an area that is a great area of real estate obviously, but it's also a great place for people to bring their families."

So if you're looking to help a child this holiday season- make sure her soccer field doesn't disappear.

"We have land like this where kids can play and families can come and fly a kite," said Roach. "Ultimately its a symbol of what we think is most important in our community."

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