SB Streets crews working overtime to prep for snow round two

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - South Bend Streets crews are working overtime to prepare the roads for round two of work week snowstorms to hit Michiana. They're hoping the foundation they laid last week will help prevent more accidents this week.

St. Joseph County saw 67 crashes between 2 a.m. and 2 p.m., because of the two to three inches that blanketed the county Thursday.

With six to nine inches expected by Wednesday morning, plow and salting crews feel confident they can reduce the slipping and sliding this time around.

“This time we’re expecting it to be a little better, because we already have salt down on the roads from this last storm, so that’s going to already add a little extra treatment to the roads," said Director of South Bend Streets and Sewers Department, Derick Roberts.

They're armed with the following:

  • about 7,000 tons of salt
  • 35 big trucks
  • 16 pickup trucks
  • 36 guys working during the day
  • 25 guys working overnight

Those 61 crew members have to deal with 2,200 lane miles of road throughout the city.

So far, they've worked eight days straight, 12 hours each shift.

The director says last year, the crew went an entire month without a day off.

“Just know that the guys are out there and they’re working to make sure that the roads are safe," said Roberts.

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