School bus involved in crash in Edwardsburg

EDWARDSBURG, Mich.— A crash involving a school bus was reported on Elkhart Road near Raymond Avenue in Edwardsburg Wednesday afternoon.

A car was traveling on Elkhart Road when the driver lost control and struck a school bus.

The school bus then struck a utility pole.

There were 8 children on the bus at the time of the crash, but none were hurt.

The students were all transported to the school's administration building.

 “It’s something that nobody is really prepared for,” said Austin Steil, a recent graduate of Edwardsburg Public Schools. “The fact that she handled it so well that was a veteran move and the kids were lucky to have her.”

Steil used to ride the same bus when he attended the schools.

He says road conditions are usually bad during the winter in the area.

“Wind conditions when they pick up, it blows the car all over the place and it makes it difficult to get traction on the road,” he said.

Crews on scene say the driver of the sedan was hospitalized.

The kids on the school bus are doing fine.

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