School has 14 sets of twins

UPSHUR COUNTY, Texas -- Most of us went to school with at least one set of twins, but one K-12 school in Texas has twins in almost every grade.

Union Grove Independent School has 14 sets of twins in a student body of only 350.

The twins stretch from the youngsters in the lower school to the oldest set of twins, and the only boy/girl combo, who are seniors in the high school.

In a school full of familiar faces, lots of the siblings said they play those trickster "twin games."

"We used to change classes if someone knew the test better than the other one," said Justin Osborne, twin. "We used to get away with a lot of stuff."

"One time we switched chairs...I got caught," said Dane White, twin.

There are twins in every grade except for fifth and ninth.

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