Schools, police on alert after tragedy

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – After the mass shooting in Connecticut, local schools say they have plans in place to try and prevent and respond to large scale threats. South Bend’s School Resource Officers are on high alert and police are stepping up patrols in school zones.

Resource officers are walking school halls and street patrols are focusing on making more of a presence in and around schools.

Police and school officials are working closely together to put students, staff and parents at ease and make them feel as safe as possible.

"It was business as normal and I credit that to the staff and administrators inside the building that sat down and had a talk with their staff members as well as students there just reassuring them we would keep everything as safe as possible,” said Lt. Eric Crittendon, Resource Officer Supervisor.

Crittendon specializes in developing school safety plans and has a very active role in South Bend schools safety procedures.

Although they regularly review and revise their safety plans, in light of the national tragedy, Crittendon said he and school officials are going over them again.

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