Scream Park season set to begin Friday

NOW: Scream Park season set to begin Friday

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. – The Niles Scream Park is set to open this week amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The haunted house in Berrien County is making some big changes this year to keep visitors safe. Scream Park will require all of its guests and actors to do a temperature check upon arriving at the gate and to wear a mask. There will be over 100 hand sanitizer stations set up throughout the park. Electrostatic sprayers will also be available to help disinfect high- touch surfaces.

Unlike previous years, when guests were able to come to the park unannounced, they are now encouraged to purchase their tickets in advance.

But even with all these measures in place, the owner of the scream park knows some fright fans will sit this season out.

"I’m supposed to be optimistic so I’m optimistic that we’re gonna have a great year and a great turnout, but honestly, I think that some of the patrons are probably- some of them- gonna be afraid to come, so I think our numbers are gonna be down. I hope not, but we understand if people are afraid to come, but that’s why we’ve gone to all the lengths we have to make it as safe as possible. But no matter what we do, people are gonna shy away from it.” Pete Karlowciz said.

The Scream Park opens for the season on Friday, September 11. It’ll only be open for Friday and Saturday nights, with Sundays added to the October Schedule. You can buy your ticket here

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