'Screams of Sheridan' still a hit in rainy weather!

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- The 'Screams on Sheridan' could be heard for blocks. The backyard haunted house is a local attraction that has been put on by a South Bend family for the last three years.

Each year it has gained more and more popularity, not only for how scary it is, but because it raises money for juvenile diabetes.

Even though the turnout was not as big as last year, the family is calling their haunted house a success.

"Halloween is our favorite holiday," said Melinda Pipp who helps her son put on the event each year.

The 'Screams on Sheridan' is something the kids look forward to every Halloween!

"At first it wasn't that scary, but now that it is dark, it is so scary," said Faith Love.

Joseph Pipp, who transforms his home into a haunted house each year, said it is all for fun. "We thought it would be fun and then it went from that to this."

Scary creatures could be seen during every twist and turn of this haunted maze, but it is not just about the screams and scares.

"This gives kids something else to do other than just going out and getting candy," said Pipp's mother Melinda.

The family said it is important to make sure kids with diabetes have fun even though they cannot have sweets. Now the family uses all the thrills and chills to raise money and awareness for juvenile diabetes. It is the charity of choice because diabetes runs in the family.

"He [Joseph Pipp] chose this for his sister and everyone else because he knows this is the worst holiday for any diabetic," said Melinda Pipp. 

Last year the Pipp family raised close to $200. It is a number they were hoping to double this Halloween. Even though that did not happen, the Pipps said they are still happy to raise what they could and also raise awareness for such an important cause.

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