Search continues for missing Elkhart woman and her five month old baby

NOW: Search continues for missing Elkhart woman and her five month old baby

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- The search continues for a missing Elkhart woman and her five month old baby. Alexis Morales and her son Messiah were last seen leaving Kelly Park in South Bend on Tuesday evening. Her family and friends gathered back at the park earlier today to ask the community for help getting answers in the pair's disappearance. 

“We just want a safe return for Messiah and Alexis,” says a cousin of Alexis'.

The family and friends of Alexis Morales and her baby Messiah are praying that they will soon get the answers that they deserve. Alexis and Messiah have been missing since Tuesday evening, making four days without any word from her. Which family and friends say is out of her character.

“She texts us twenty four hours a day. That’s all day, every day," says one of Alexis' best friends, Raven McKinstry. "As soon as her and baby Messiah get up and she gets him dressed, it’s a thousand pictures of them. And it’s been four days and it’s been nothing, like, it’s strange.”

Her loved ones find her disappearance hard to believe, and they are becoming more concerned with each day passing.

“You can come home, man. You know that we all love you and we want you to return," says brother of Alexis, Christopher James Jr. "You know, we worry about you.”

“Man, I want my son, man," says Messiah's father, Thadius Loftin. "I’m concerned bro, I don’t know how to think, you know what I’m saying. I can’t eat man, I need my son.”

Not only is everyone concerned for the pair's safety, but they are frustrated with what they say is a lack of attention from law enforcement.

“I feel like they’re not doing anything," says Sandra Piggie, Alexis' mother. "They keep coming to me and keep saying that they can’t track her phone; there’s no cameras in the area that they think she could’ve been.”

“We tried asking if they could put an Amber Alert on my son, and they said, 'well the son’s with the mother, so we assume that it’s okay,'" says Loftin.

After passing out hundreds of flyers and driving hours on highways looking for any sign of the missing mother and son, family and friends are looking to the community for any help they can give.

“I need you all to help me search," Loftin says. "It’s a big city, I can’t walk alone. I need help, I need help. I’ve been out here for four days, trying to help, trying to find her, driving up and down.”

Friends and family will continue their search for the two, but if you have any information that will help in the finding of Alexis and Messiah, they urge you to contact the Elkhart County Sherriff's Office at the number 574-533-4151.

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