Search underway for missing Elkhart County woman and baby

NOW: Search underway for missing Elkhart County woman and baby

SOUTH BEND, Ind., --- Family and friends came together Thursday afternoon to search for a missing Elkhart County woman and her baby who were last seen in South Bend on Tuesday.

Friends of 27-year-old Alexis Morales told ABC57 Morales and her five-month-old baby Messiah were last seen leaving a gathering at Kelly Park in South Bend in her silver BMW SUV Tuesday evening around 7 pm.

Police previously said it was Howard Park, but her friends said they were all together at Kelly Park on Howard Street.

“We love her and we love and I love my grand-baby and I love them dearly so if anybody has any information just please get in contact with me, the father and the police department,” said Sandra Piggie, Alexis’ mother.

Piggie got emotional as she stood with nearly two dozen family members and friends Thursday afternoon.

She joined a group of family, friends, and co-workers to door knock and hand out flyers as she searched for her any 27-year-old daughter and her five-month-old grandson, who friends said were last seen and heard from Tuesday evening.

“I was getting up, getting ready to go to work so I immediately text her around 6 in the morning, texting, where is she? Are they okay? And I got no response. So I continued to call her phone every hour on the hour and it was just going straight to voicemail,” said Piggie.

Piggie filed a missing persons report with the Elkhart County Sherriff’s Office Wednesday after Morales never made it home to New Paris and friends and family say they couldn’t contact reach her.

“They can reach out to police and police will get in contact with us and it will be really appreciated,” said Christopher James, Alexis’ Father.

“If you have any information on my sister or the baby can you please let the family know,” explained her brother, Christopher James Jr.

“Help please if you find out anything. Please contact police,” pleaded Thadius Lofton, Alexis’ Fiancé and the Father of the five-month-old baby.

The 27-year-old's family and friends also hoping the message is heard by the community but also by Morales.

“If you are anywhere watching this, or if you are going through anything mentally just come because we love you and we are here for you to help you make it through any issue or situation you may be facing,” added her mother.

Morales' family said this kind of behavior is very unusual for her.

She was last seen wearing a black shirt, black Ugg brand shoes, black leggings with flowers, and a black Nike brand jacket.

Her son was last seen wearing a baby blue jacket, matching sweatpants, a blue sweater, gray and yellow socks, and uses a Mickey Mouse blanket with his car seat.

Again, her family and police urging anyone with information that could help find Morales and her baby to reach out to the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office at the number 574-533-4151.

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