Seasonal road work in Elkhart County

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. – The Elkhart County Highway Department has begun its annual chip seal, paving, and general road improvement work.

Nearly 40 projects are included in the summer schedule. A list of these road work locations can be found on the Highway Department’s website.

Crews are currently working to repave a section of C.R. 4, between C.R. 15 and C.R. 17. This project is expected to last until the third week of September, weather permitting.

One facet of this road work is to accommodate the local Amish Community. In many areas of the County, an extra lane of paving at the side of the road gives horse and buggies a safe way to travel.

"We love having this special responsibility because our Amish population is an important part of who we are,” said Charlie McKenzie, Engineer and Manager for Transportation for Elkhart County. “If folks look closely at our roads in areas with a high Amish population, they might see where the constant plodding of horse hoofs causes a small trough of sorts in the roadway. Our maintenance on these troughs improves safety for everyone."

For more information on these road improvements, visit the Elkhart County Highway Department’s website.

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