Second Eastern Pulaski School Principal placed on paid administrative leave citing misconduct

NOW: Second Eastern Pulaski School Principal placed on paid administrative leave citing misconduct

WINAMAC, Ind.-- Another Eastern Pulaski School Corporation principal finds himself on paid administrative leave.

According to EPSC Superintendent, Dara Chezem, on January 24th, Winamac Community High School principal, Jeremy Tucker was placed on administrative leave.

On February 7th, Winamac Community Middle School principal, Ryan Dickinson, was placed on leave due to allegations of misconduct while he was filling in as principal at Winamac Community High School.

"I think its just all chaotic" said Winamac High School student, Kayla Crouse.

In a press release from the Winamac Police Department regarding the investigation into Principal Dickinson stated in part, “a child had been searched by a school administrator in an inappropriate manner. The search allegedly conducted on three other students as well.”

It is not known why Principal Tucker was placed on paid administrative leave.

“We would like more information on whats going on. No one knows nothing. I tried finding out from other people and they don’t know nothing," said Frank Lagace, parent of a Winamac Community High School student. 

ABC 57 reached out to EPSC to see why Principal Tucker is under investigation.

Superintendent Dara Chezem states, "As of February 7, 2020, the principal of Winamac Middle School is on paid administrative leave due to allegations of misconduct. The district has launched a thorough internal investigation and is cooperating with law enforcement.  Any additional comments at this time would compromise the investigation, so we ask for the public's patience.  This situation is completely unrelated to the High School investigation.  Eastern Pulaski School Corporation will release information it can as it becomes available."

“There’s a lot of tension going on, there’s a lot of rumors being spread. For me personally I just want to get answers but I really don’t know what’s going on," said Krouse.

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