Second portion of Smart Streets opens

The second portion of Smart Streets opens Friday and Saturday.

Friday, Main and Michigan opened as two-ways south of Sample Street.

Saturday, the remainder of Main is expected to open as two-way in the city's street changes known as 'Smart Streets'.

“If you really want to get from one end of the city to the other, you probably want to find another route,” Mayor Pete Buttigieg said.

Eric Horvath of South Bend Public Works says there’s one month left in the project.

That will include with the downtown section of Michigan Street still being converted to two-way.

“We’re going to ask for continued patience because it will open up some of the congestion since we’re going to be creating a little more on St. Joe,” Horvath said.

Not only is the city asking for patience, but they want drivers to pay attention.

“Pay extra attention to drive at a safe speed,” Buttigieg said.

They’re also asking for understanding.

Buttigieg and Horvath say Main and Michigan are no longer built for passing through, but for downtown exploration.

“It creates the kind of street where you just want to spend more time,” Buttigieg said.

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