Secret Starbucks Menu

 MICHIANA -- Captain Crunch, Oreo and Neapolitan Frapuccinos are now at Starbucks.

So are raspberry cheesecake and chocolate pumpkin lattes, but you wont find them on the menu.

It's called the secret menu and we found it on line!  


The list is a combination of mixes that baristas' have come up with over the years. 


We tried out the Captain Crunch and the super cream frapp.


The barista had no clue what we were talking about, but the menu also tells you what to ask for so they could make it.  


They were happy to create what's on the list.


Click here for the link to the official "secret" menu on Starbucks' website.  


Here is the unofficial link!  There is also a story image attached with details on each specific drink.

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