Seed to Feed celebrating 10 years in the community

NOW: Seed to Feed celebrating 10 years in the community


ELKHART, Ind.--Seed to Feed, a program of church community services, is celebrating a huge milestone!

This month marks its 10-year anniversary of continuously working alongside the organization’s food pantry to feed the hungry, and address food insecurity in Elkhart County and beyond.

“It’s amazing because we have a beautiful community who wants to help one another, and that’s my favorite part,” Seed to Feed Director Gabby Parrish said.

Since starting up in 2011, Seed to Feed has served over $1-million pounds of fresh produce to those in need. They wouldn’t be able to help fill the bellies of so many without the help from volunteers.

“This program is run by volunteers and people of the community from different income levels, different walks of life, different ethnicities just coming together to provide fresh food for people that need it,” Parrish said.

Throughout Elkhart County, more than 300 volunteers grow produce in 22 different gardens for people who visit Seed to Feed’s pantry.

“It’s really easy to overlook how much the importance of healthy fruits and vegetables are, especially when you can afford them, and especially when you have the option. But when there are families who have many mouths to feed and families who, people who don’t have the luxuries that we may have, and you interact with them, it’s clear to see the value even fruits and veggies can have on their lives,” Parrish said.

10-years down, and many more to go! Director Gabby Parrish is looking forward to keep watching this mission grow.

“Although we can produce so much produce, the empowerment, empowering each other to seek better health options and grow their own food has been something that has come out of seed to feed that was not the original intent, but that we are so excited to grow in,” Parrish said.

If you’re interested in volunteering with Seed to Feed to fight local hunger, click here to learn more.

Seed to feed is also hosting a fundraiser event this weekend on Saturday in honor of their 10-year anniversary, called “Cow Chip Bingo." Participants can purchase a square in the field for $50 for a chance to win $1,500 dollars! A literal cow will be used in the space you purchase, and the first one to drop a number 2 on your square, wins the grand prize! You have until the end of the day on Wednesday to purchase a square.

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