Seed to Feed helps local food pantries

MIDDLEBURY, In. -- One Elkhart community group is doing their part to help those in need. It is a program called Seed to Feed run by Church Community Services.

Friday they picked over 20,000 pounds of fresh produce for local food pantries.

“We wanted to provide fresh produce, especially to the people that can’t afford it,” Seed to Feed co-coordinator Katie Jantzen said.

And that is what they are doing. Pound by pound. Potato by potato.

“We’re expecting around 60,000 to 70,000 pounds,” Jantzen said.

Seed to Feed started just last year with the goal of getting fresh vegetables and produce into local food pantries and into the hands of those who may need it most.

Jantzen said it is not often you can find fresh food in the pantries.

“It’s really hard for food pantries to get fresh produce otherwise. It takes a lot to manage and it costs more. And most food pantries just don’t have it.”

Church Community Services sees nearly 2400 families a month—and that is just one of about 30 Elkhart food pantries.

Luke Roeschley works there and said in light of the government shut down, with people’s food stamps and WIC benefits at risk, this harvest could not have come at a better time.

“We’re bracing ourselves for that. We’re not sure how its going to affect our food pantry but we feel like we’re going to get hit pretty hard.”

Just one year old, Seed to Feed is already making an impact in the Elkhart community with the help of volunteers and one farmer who is responsible for donating two and a half acres of the potatoes picked this year.

All of the potatoes collected will be sorted next week.

They are encouraging everyone to get involved.

Just contact Church Community Services for the details.

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