Semi rollover causes traffic shut down on U.S. 31 Bypass

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A semi rollover on the U.S. 31 Bypass has traffic slowed in South Bend.

We first learned of the situation when South Bend Police tweeted that the entire southbound lane of the U.S. 31 Bypass is closed. It's happening right now at the Brick Rd. exit, due to a semi rollover. They also added that "Traffic is expected to be interrupted for several hours."

ABC 57's Judi Lykowski was at the scene and sent back photos and updates.

Crews moved the truck to clear one lane of traffic. They pulled the truck on its side with a tow truck.

They were concerned that the friction could create a spark that could start a fire in spilled auto fluids. Hazmat helped to clean up the oil spilled from the truck.

Police said that the area will be closed down through the dinner hour. It's suggested that drivers should be careful and avoid the area. However, traffic is able to get through now.

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