Semi trucks ignore signs on Michigan Street bridge

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- This is cell phone video taken by ABC 57 Producer Jenny Dolph.  Take a look at these huge trucks.  An INDOT plow along with one from The City of South Bend.

We also caught an ambulance, a luxury-sized bus and a full-sized semi truck.  We forwarded these videos to INDOT spokesperson Jim Pinkerton.

"INDOT's snow plow was exempt from the weight limit because it was on a salting operation and it was a matter of public safety", said Pinkerton.

He also said the ambulance and snow plow appear to be under the 20,000-pound weight limit, however according to Pinkerton, the others are in the wrong.

"The the buses and the semis should not be on the bridge and they are subjected to tickets if caught by police."

But when I checked out the bridge, there were no police anywhere near the bridge.

So I called the South Bend Police Department to find out when police were patrolling and the station commander said we would have to call back tomorrow during the day, because he didn't even know if they were doing it anymore.

Pinkerton insists INDOT has been working closely with the South Bend PD, so semi-trucks don't drive over that crumbling bridge.

If you would like to watch the extended stakeout videos, you can watch them on our YouTube channel:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5*

Video 6

Video 7*

Video 8*

Videos marked with an '*' notes a vehicle breaking the law.

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