Senator Braun supports House decision giving $14.3 billion to aid Israel from IRS funds

Indiana Senator Mike Braun supports House Speaker Mike Johnson's proposal of using $14.3 billion in funding--taken from Biden's Inflation Reduction Act, to support Israel. 

Before Johnson took the position of House Speaker, Biden proposed $14 billion in funding in support of Israel, within a $105 billion National Security Package. 

Biden's proposal included $14.3 billion in aid for Israel to assist air and missile defense support, support procurement of Iron Dome and $3.7 billion to strengthen Israel’s military and enhance US Embassy security.

Bidens also incorporated additional funds allocated towards: 

  • $10 billion for humanitarian assistance
  • $7.4 billion for Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific region
  • $13.6 billion for security at the U.S. Mexico border

Instead of approving Biden's $105 billion plan, Johnson wants the $14.3 billion to come from Biden's Inflation Reduction Act, funds allocated to the IRS, backing only part of Biden's request.

The IRS plans to use these funds to improve equity in audits, aggressively warn consumers about scams and schemes and protect against identify theft. 

The IRS was given $80 billion, which Senator Braun calls "President Biden's 2022 tax-and-spending spree," in a news release. 

“I fully support Speaker Johnson’s plan to support our ally Israel in their fight against Hamas terrorists in a standalone bill with the funds offset by cuts to President Biden’s bloated $80 billion IRS budget," said Senator Mike Braun.

According to CNN, two House Republicans – Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia – have said they will oppose the bill.

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