Senator Donnelly reacts to Alexandria ambush

Only a river was between where Senator Joe Donnelly was practicing and the shooter. He said when he heard the news, his initial reaction was to make sure everyone was off the field.

"I had actually just come off the field and was getting ready to go up and take some hits and was standing near him [Mike Doyle] when he said 'Oh my god.' I looked at him and said 'what's up?"

Both the Republican and Democratic teams were practicing for the annual charity baseball game. Donnelly says this game is one of the best ways to spend time together as congressmen in Washington. 

When the Democrat team heard what had happened just across the water, they put their arms around each other and said a prayer. 

Security was increased Wednesday because of the ambush, with some lawmakers not being able to leave the capitol. 

Donnelly said it is working with the people of Indiana that make his job worthwhile.

"Not being with the folks in Indiana defeats the very purpose of being the Senator and defeats the very purpose of going out to talk to everybody to get their wisdom and their ideas."

All those wounded in the attack are now in stable condition. 

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