September is Hunger Action Month

Almost one in 5 families in Northern Indiana are faced with food insecurity and the battle to decrease those numbers starts at the Food Bank of Northern Indiana.

Throughout the month of September, organizations like the Food Bank of Northern Indiana are participating in Hunger Action Month.

In northern Indiana, one in four children lives in a food insecure household  which means access to regular meals isn’t guaranteed, and sometimes kids go to bed hungry.

To help combat that troubling statistic, the Food Bank of Northern Indiana is encouraging people to stop by and pick up an orange ribbon to show support of their mission.

The food bank distributes perishable and non perishable foods to families in several Northern Indiana counties.

Last year they delivered more than 7 million pounds of food, but hunger in our community continues to be an issue.

If you are in need of food assistance, the Food Bank of Northern Indiana will be using mobile food pantries this month.

For more information on those mobile pantries go to

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