Sequester cuts to affect childhood vaccinations

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The fallout from the sequester, the series of massive federal budget cuts that begin going into effect at midnight, could affect mandatory vaccinations for your children.

Pediatrician Dr. Charisse Johnson says it is extremely important for kids to get vaccinated. Not just to keep them healthy, but to prevent a widespread outbreak of a serious disease.

Three thousand fewer children will be vaccinated in the state of Indiana because of the budget cuts that go into effect at midnight.

In Michigan, 4,400 fewer children will be vaccinated.

While it may take years, both states could see some serious fallout and even and increased number of deaths.

“We would not recommend a vaccination for something if there wasn't some complication or some serious threat to life. So when we recommend that kids get immunizations it’s to protect everyone,” said Dr. Johnson. “Polio where we are trying to prevent paralysis and meningitis when we are trying to prevent death.”

Doctors say that the uninsured kids that won't get vaccinations could also run into some problems when trying to enroll in school. 

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