Servers at Legends may finally get their $10,000 tip

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Most restaurants in Michiana make out during the Notre Dame football games, especially Legends bar which is owned by the university.

When business is booming, the servers are working even harder.

During the Notre Dame vs. U.S.C. game, a couple patrons decided to show their servers appreciation by giving a $10,000 tip.

The only problem is the servers never got their money.

Three men she had waited on left her and her co-workers a $5,000 tip.

“We get excited about a $20 tip, so you can imagine getting a $5,000 tip. You are just floored,” said Legends sever Ashley Rust.

But that’s not all. Later in the night, the same group of guys came back and tipped another $5,000.

"We grabbed the receipt we were just in disbelief. We couldn't believe it was happening again," said Rust.

This happened in October, but the servers haven't received the money.

"Notre Dame, we got a lot of different answers when we asked them why we weren't receiving our money," said Rust.

Rust says the University was trying to make sure the big tip was not fraud, however whenever Rust and her co-workers checked out the three patrons Instagram, they discovered the tip was not a fraud but more of a movement called Tips for Jesus.

On the Tips for Jesus Instagram page, it is clearly shown that the Amex bill had been paid to back up the $10,000 tip.

Three weeks went by and Rust still had not received her money. She contacted the patron to see what was up.

"We had been emailing back and forth and he said he would do whatever he could to help us out," said Rust.

Rust finally heard that she is going to get the money.

“Just received an email about an hour ago that we are supposed to get the money Thursday,” said Rust.


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