Seven arrested in major drug raid in Mishawaka, six kids with DCS

NOW: Seven arrested in major drug raid in Mishawaka, six kids with DCS

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --  Seven adults were arrested for allegedly dealing heroin out of their Mishawaka home. St. Joseph County and Mishawaka officials are investigating a major drug raid that occurred on East 4th Street early Wednesday morning. 

Some of the adults taken into custody were from Chicago. 

Police attribute their success in this raid to the community providing tips and information.

"This is a very nice neighborhood. It's close to a lot of churches and schools," says one neighbor. "It's just very shocking.

Neighbors were too concerned with their safety to talk to ABC57 News with their faces shown or names given. 

They all say that house is one with a known problem. 

It's a problem that is just one mile away from the Mishawaka Police Department. 

Officials say they couldn't have done it without the community's help.

"We always urge our citizens, that if they see any kind of suspicious activity, to, you know, call in and give us these complaints," says Lt. Tim Williams with the Mishawaka Police Department. 

He adds they do what they can on their end, but it's up to the community to say something if they see something.

"With that kind of attitude of our citizens calling in with these kind of complaints, it makes our city a safer place," adds Lt. Williams. 

Six children were found inside the home, and are now with Department of Child Services. 

Police and neighbors are hoping that this raid will send a message.

"Bottom line is we want to keep our neighborhoods safe," says Lt. Williams.

They also hope the growing drug problem in Michiana doesn't continue to hurt the next generation. 

"It was good, all around that everyone got involved and the problem has gone away. Now we have to focus on the children and we have to treat the children." says a neighbor. "We need to make sure there are services in place for those children, and make sure that they don't become the future generation with this problem as well."

It is unclear at this time if the home is a part of a larger drug ring.

Police say they have to wait for the investigation to progress, before they know those details.

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