Several gas stations close in Elkhart after synthetic marijuana raid

ELKHART, Ind.-- Police searched several gas stations in Elkhart Monday afternoon as part of a coordinated synthetic drug operation in St. Joseph and Elkhart counties.

The Phillips 66 and Marathon on Franklin Street were both subjects of the investigation.

They are both closed and the windows are boarded up.

Several people in the area were shocked by the searches.

Angela Rodriguez said, “I understand about the synthetic weed. That stuff needs to get off the streets, but they need to go after the owners not the employees. They took customers out of the store and put them in jail. For what? For why?”

Rodriguez said police arrested her friend who was working at the Marathon during the raid and later released her.

Rodriguez said, “Well she got arrested, she is 18-years-old and she’s 7 months pregnant and she does a good job, she’s a good person. She does what she was supposed to do.”

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