Shakin' Crab shut down for health violations

A Michiana restaurant is closed tonight after health inspectors discovered nearly two dozen health code violations.

The Shakin’ Crab in Mishawaka hasn’t even been open for a year and now the business is facing major problems.

Monday, ABC 57 uncovered violation after violation.

The St. Joseph County Health Department calls it “a mess.”

The images paint a nasty picture of a restaurant in our own backyard. 

The environment employees at The Shakin’ Crab in Mishawaka have been working in consists of a fridge covered with food debris, sink faucet handles that are unrecognizable and encrusted with more food debris and a blob of solid grease stuck to the side of a fryer.

Just five days ago, the business posted, “our store is closed down for maintenance clean we will be reopen at May 8,” on their Facebook page.

Fast forward to that date, and you can see an order to close sign posted on the front door and an empty parking lot.

Eight of the 22 violations are marked as critical.

During this morning’s hearing, the St. Joseph County Health Department explains the owner said he met with his staff and corrected the violations but another inspection today revealed that wasn’t the case.

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