Shocking testimony from estranged wife, shot in Niles

NOW: Shocking testimony from estranged wife, shot in Niles

CASSOPOLIS, Mich.- For the first time, a wife reportedly shot in the shoulder by her estranged husband is reliving those scary moments publicly.

James Lampson, the husband, pleaded not guilty to the crime in court on Wednesday.

Jennifer came to court with a medical apparatus, that makes sure her gunshot wound remains closed and clean, but that didn’t stop her from sharing her story.

She says she met James at their home in Niles to pick up some of her personal belongings, but when it came time for that, things took a turn for the worse.

“I saw a chair sitting in the corner and he told me my stuff was on the other side of the furnace,” says Jennifer.

Jennifer, the gunshot victim, says her husband James ordered her to take a seat in that chair. When I turned around, he had a gun pointed at me. That I was going to feel the pain he had been feeling.”

Jennifer says James was holding a black handgun in her direction, He just kept repeating himself that I was going to die a Lampson and that this was going to be a murder suicide.”

Soon after discussing about a man she was seeing Jennifer says James fired his first shot, “He shot over my head.”

Then his second shot aimed at the right side of her chest, “After he had shot me, he said, 'Goodbye, Jen.' and walked up the stairs,” Jennifer recalls.

Jennifer says she begged her husband to take her to a hospital and added James didn’t call 911 until they entered the state of Indiana.

James then pulled over at this Steak ‘n Shake. “A police officer put his hand on my wound and asked who shot me, I pointed at James.”

The couple had been married for about five years. James actually filed for divorce back in October of 2017.

The prosecutor says James will be in court in about three months.

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