Shooting in South Bend adds to recent uptick of gun violence

NOW: Shooting in South Bend adds to recent uptick of gun violence

“Three heartbreaking deaths of teenagers this year. This is cause for serious concern and we must work very hard and together and reverse the recent uptick,” said South Bend Mayor, Pete Buttigieg.

An uptick in gun violence that has erupted across the city of South Bend over the last week.

“This rise is consistent with recent national trends but that does not have to be our fate as a city,” said Mayor Buttigieg.

Just one day after delivering his State of the City address where mayor Buttigieg talked about the number of violent crimes in our city a shooting left one person badly injured.

A crime scene in the 1900 block of Fremont Street near Hamilton was littered with crime investigations markers and about a dozen police units around 5:00 p.m. Wednesday after officers received reports of a shooting.

Police say a 23-year-old man was hit by gunfire and was then driven to memorial hospital. He is currently in critical condition. This is at least the fourth shooting across the city with a total of 8 people injured and several cars and home hit in the last 7 days.

Mayor Buttigieg says the centerpiece to bringing down these crime rates in South Bend…

“The Group Violence Intervention,” said Buttigieg during the speech.

I spoke with group violence intervention reps off camera who tell me their work begins at scenes like the one on Fremont Street.

Police have not yet released information regarding any suspects. The case has since been turned over to Saint Joseph County Metro Homicide.

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