Shooting victim says situations can escalate quickly

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A man who was shot last November is speaking out saying he is ready for the violence to end. The situation he was in was a minor disagreement that escalated to a shooting.

"The waist of his pant, he pulled it firm back here, pointed it towards my head and told me, 'I'll shoot you. I'll kill you right here,'" said William Trozzy.

He was shot November 17, 2013 on Adams Avenue in South Bend.

In that moment, Trozzy says his life flashed before his eyes.

"I'm backing up, I'm freaking out. Right before I was getting ready to call my son out of the house, he shot me in the leg," said Trozzy.

It went in the front and out his side.

"I didn't feel it until I went to go walk and I almost fell on my face," said Trozzy.

Trozzy says what started as a small disagreement, ended with him on the ground, bleeding from a gunshot wound.

"My son said are you going to die daddy? He was there and it scares you when something like that happens," said Trozzy.

Trozzy says these days, too many fights are escalating to deadly shootings.

"I don't understand the violence. I don't understand the reasoning behind someone taking a gun and possibly taking somebody's life," said Trozzy.

Since January 1, 2014, 29 people have been shot in South Bend.

"If you do kill someone you don't just take their life you take your own life," said Trozzy.


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