Shoppers get head start on Black Friday deals

NOW: Shoppers get head start on Black Friday deals

MISHAWAKA, Ind – Shoppers headed out to stores all across Michiana lining up on Thanksgiving day to get a head start on Black Friday deals. 

“It’s the first I’ve gone shopping Black Friday shopping but we are trying to get an Apple Watch today and we came here because they had the best deal for them,” Black Friday shopper Harmony Groves said. 

Most stores in the Mishawaka area opened in the early evening with an atmosphere of excitement. 

Over 100 shoppers stood in line for the opening of Target in Mishawaka.  

Groves says she likes the Black Friday shopping experience and may get an early start on shopping next year depending on the deals available. 

“It’ll depend on what else we want but it’s good and fun though,” Groves said. 

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