Shoppers getting more out of Black Friday


After long lines, packed stores, and sale after sale, Black Friday in Michiana has come to an end.

Many families and friends found themselves shopping in groups all day and night before slowing their planned Friday routes.

"Friends. A group of us come out every year," said Ed Tribble.

So why brave the crowds the traffic and the lousy weather?

Our crews went to University Park Mall in Mishawaka to ask shoppers why they participate in the annual event.

"Check out the festivities it kinda kicks off the holiday season, we usually stumble into a few deals we take advantage of,” said Tribble.

For some Black Friday madness is a holiday tradition to see what happens at this time every year.

“No particular items, just the festivities, being around the people and watching the chaos,” said Tribble.

But for others, it’s the sales, sales, and more sales.

“We have some really great shoppers in the family. My niece was looking forward to getting an autographed book at Barnes and Noble, ” said Bobbie Merrill.

For just about everyone walking from store to store, it’s a continuation of Thanksgiving and a chance to spend more time with family and friends.

“Leave after Thanksgiving dinner, came out last night, we were out til about four this morning,” said Tribble.

“We got talked into it from my sister and her kid,” said Merrill.

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