Shoppers use "digital wish lists” for easier Christmas shopping

Christmas is approaching and the Christmas lists are growing. But retail stores are making it easier than ever for Christmas shoppers because now, you can use you cell phone to make that list wherever you go.

“Just leveraging technology to make Christmas lists and holiday list shopping that much easier,” said Lyndsey Hover, the Store Team Leader at Target in Mishawaka.

Easier indeed. Retail stores everywhere are taking advantage of online shopping season with digital wish lists.

With Christmas themes and all, you can create a wish list from your computer or cell phone.

“Kids are able to create wish lists either from home or actually use the app in-store,” said Hover.

Hover says it was just time to adapt.

“It’s rare that you see children without some kinda device anymore when they’re shopping. They are shopping from home, they’re looking at their mobile apps, so they’re constantly exposed to shopping,” said Hover.

Some stores even have a barcode scanning option.

“We actually just invite you to use your own personal device and actually pull it up and scan barcodes using your own phone,” said Hover .

You just sign up and click away.

Or scan, of course, using Target's Wish List app.

“The cool thing is you can send the list to folks too so you know if you want to send it to grandma or your aunt or uncle. It’s a great way for it to be easy for mom and dad and still make sure that kids get what they want,” said Hover.


Target Wish List on their website

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