Shoveling snow could cause heart problems

MADISON TOWNSHIP, Ind. -- Driving in snow can be dangerous, but so can shoveling it.  In fact, a 70-year-old woman from Madison Township was shoveling snow in her driveway when she had a heart attack, collapsed and died. 

Dr. John Reed said he isn't surprised that shoveling snow can cause heart problems.

"The cardiac demands are tremendous when you are looking at the cold and that extra work", said Reed.

Reed said anyone who is not used to that extra work should take caution before picking up that heavy shovel in frigid weather. 

"Well you know if someone is physically fit again, I would try to get someone who is younger if at all possible."

Even Reed is careful when getting rid of those flakes in his driveway.

"It started using a broom and going back and forth just so I wouldn't develop the attitude that I would have to shovel it all at it in small increments."

His advice: Save your heart, and put your snow blower to work!

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