Showers and storms could cause problems at Four Winds Invitational

NOW: Showers and storms could cause problems at Four Winds Invitational

As the Four Winds Invitational approaches, the forecast for the first two days of play could definitely be better. The weather cooperates for the entire day today, as sunshine dominates over much of Michiana as highs peak into the mid 70s. But, we'll notice the humidity building and temperatures warming as we push towards Friday and the weekend, right when the tournament kicks off. 

At this point, Friday is the biggest day to watch as a couple rounds of rain could move through South Bend and Michiana in the morning and afternoon hours. Storms could definitely accompany the scattered showers by the time the first round starts at 7:30 AM both Friday and even Saturday, which means that delays are definitely possible. By Saturday afternoon, most the activity should be pushing out of the area, which means that Sunday should be much better and cooler. 

Friday and Saturday are two days to watch for weather delays at the Four Winds Invitational at Blackthorn this weekend.

Regardless, the humidity will be in place this weekend for the tournament, with or without the rain. And thanks to those higher dewpoints, those golf balls could be travelling farther than normal. Any of those golfers out there using the excuse that heavy, humid air makes for a shorter shot would have to find another way to explain why their ball is not flying right. Warmer, wetter air actually reduces the drag forces felt on a golf ball right after contact with the club. Since warmer air is less dense than colder air, there are physically fewer molecules to get in the ball's way as it's flying through the air. 

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