Sign posted at a local Dollar Tree denounces hiring Gen Z labor

NOW: Sign posted at a local Dollar Tree denounces hiring Gen Z labor

BREMEN, Ind. -- A manager of a Bremen Dollar Tree, who has since been fired, posted a sign in the store’s window on Wednesday with a message that criticizes the labor of Gen Z employees.

A sign was placed in the storefront when two female cashiers quit after being told their boyfriends were not allowed to be at work with them.

The sign messaged that the Dollar Tree location was only looking to hire Baby Boomers to fill open positions at the store.

One customer said that the sign is discriminatory and that age should not be a factor when companies look to hire new employees.

“I volunteer coach and I have Gen Zers and they work hard. You’re going to get people from every group who are lazy and work hard. It’s important not to stereotype people or anybody by their age or background. Judge their character. If they are good workers, they are good workers. If they’re not, then they’re not,” said one Dollar Tree customer.

Even with the unemployment rate being extremely low in Bremen, one town official says plenty of businesses are struggling to fill positions.

“All the factories in town and businesses in town are having a hard time finding help. It’s just hard these days to get people to come in. I hear it all the time, businesses, even the nice businesses, bigger businesses, we have in town paying a lot more money,” said Trend Weldy, Town of Bremen’s Director of Operations.

A corporate Dollar Tree spokesperson announced that putting up a sign like this is not an authorized move for store managers to make.

“We are aware that an unauthorized sign was posted at our store for a brief period of time. The handwritten message was absolutely not approved by or condoned by our company,” said Randy Guiler, Vice President, Investor Relations at Dollar Tree Inc.

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