Simple gesture warms entire South Bend neighborhood

After one man saw a boy at a bus stop without a coat, he surprised the boy and his family by giving him a brand new jacket to keep him warm. The good deed was posted to Facebook and the response has been overwhelming.

It happened in River Park, one of Michiana's oldest neighborhoods.

Like many families across the country, Anita Lesher and her family are struggling.

"Money's tight," says Lesher, a stay at home mother of two.

Once the holidays come around, it's important to remember these times are not just about gifts.

"They understand if they don't get their Christmas present until a week after Christmas, they'll still get a present," says Lesher.

Lesher says she was looking for a winter jacket for her son David but she couldn't find any at the second-hand store.

So a complete stranger from their neighborhood took David a new jacket, hat, scarf, and even a new pair of sneakers.

"The tears were just rolling down my face," says Lesher.

Lesher posted the good deed on Facebook and from there it took off with over 150 likes.

The outpouring of support from her community made her extra thankful this Thanksgiving and Lesher says she hopes this teaches her children that the holidays aren't just about receiving, but about giving.

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