Sites serving free meals to students during summer in northern Indiana

Photo courtesy IDOE

The Indiana Department of Education’s Summer Food Service Program will allow students to receive free meals and snacks throughout summer break at a variety of locations across northern Indiana.

The program provides food to students 18 and under and is designed to provide nutritious food options for children who normally receive free and reduced lunches during the regular school year.

Most sites begin serving food in June, but service start and end dates vary by site. Sites range from community centers and parks to schools and churches.

South Bend Community School Corporation’s Director of Food and Nutrition, Victoria Moore, says the program is a necessity for local students and families. She does have a safety warning for kids heading to sites this summer: be safe and travel in groups.

“This is a valuable program, we are here to assist families especially if during the day, if you’re at work, you might want to plan where a group of kids walk together to the site to partake in the meal and then walk together back home,” Moore said.

The federal program is available at sites across northern Indiana.

Click on the individual points below to find information for your nearest food service site.

*Note: If information next to meal/snack type is blank, service is not provided.

In 2018, sponsors in Indiana served nearly 2.7 million meals across the state during the program.

According to the IDOE, June is the busiest month for the program, when many families seek out help in getting food resources.

The program is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture and administered by the Indiana Department of Education.

For more information about summer food service in Indiana, visit the IDOE’s website.

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