Sky Drone 57 launches at ABC 57 News

NOW: Sky Drone 57 launches at ABC 57 News

Sky Drone 57 officially launched Monday.

The new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology will bring Michiana brand new perspectives from the sky.

While traditional cameras and tripods work from the ground, Sky Drone 57 can fly.

ABC 57 is the only local station with the technology.

“It’ll just give people different perspectives from visual shots from the air that you can’t provide when you’re on the ground,” ABC 57 General Manager Jeff Guy said.

The drone provides a clear, crisp picture from many feet above.

“When you don’t have a helicopter, this is the next best thing, being able to be in the air,” Guy said.

ABC 57 will have two certified pilots, and a two person team operating Sky Drone 57 at all times.

The UAV cannot fly directly over people, or within five miles of an airport.

Safety is a top priority.

It won’t fly in the dark, and can’t zoom in on bystanders.

The drone can go from the ground to far beyond, bringing Michiana stories like they’ve never seen them before, from the sky.

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