Slick road conditions played role in deadly crash

One person was killed and two others taken to Elkhart General Hospital with severe and critical injuries after a weather-related crash on U.S. 20 Thursday night.

LaGrange County Sheriff's deputies report Richard Keck was driving a van and heading east along  U.S. 20 around 8:45 p.m. County deputies confirm there were reports of black ice in the county around that time. Keck's van slipped on the ice, and the van slid sideways into oncoming traffic, where another driver crashed into the van's passenger side.

Jeremy Lemaar was riding as a passenger in the van, and was dead when deputies got to the crash scene. He was not wearing a seatbelt. Another passenger in the van, Mervin Mishler was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. Keck was last listed with severe injuries.

Police say the driver who hit the van had minor injuries.

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