Smart watch for kids acts as emergency phone GPS

Any parent who has lost a child for just a slit second knows the sheer terror that can go through your mind. Now there is a device on some store shelves in Indiana that could help parents rest easy.

It is called FiLIP and was created by a dad in Europe after losing his son Philip in a busy mall.

The smart locator wristwatch with built-in GPS, is designed for kids as young as five.

"It basically will be able to track where your child is at all times and also give you a two-way communication back and forth with your child. You can also send text messages to the device," said AT&T assistant store manager Kasey Edwards.

The watch gives a time stamp, a date stamp, allows you to program safety zones and in an emergency will start dialing every contact until someone answers.

The cost of a FiLIP smart locator wristwatch is $199 and the app is free.

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