Snow insulation during the freezing cold

NOW: Snow insulation during the freezing cold

We have seen our fair share of extremely cold days, and snowfall here in Michiana this winter season. Believe it or not that snow can actually be used to keep you warmer when the bitter cold strikes. Snow is a great insulator because it is comprised of 90-95% air. That air is constricted, which then slows the process of heat transfer from the cold air outside through the snow layer. This is why some animals in colder climates build snow caves to borrow into for hibernation during winter.

 Another good example of using snow for insulation would be taking snowfall in your backyard, and piling it up against the outer walls of your house. This layer of snow would act as a second layer of insulation to keep the extreme cold out. It may save you a couple extra dollars on your next heating bill. The next, and most popular way snow insulation works is seen in igloos. Igloos have been used by many cultures that have dwelled in the colder climates. A well constructed igloo can keep temperatures 50-60 degrees warmer than the air outside of it. This is due to the trapping of body heat, and the slow heat transfer through the walls of the igloo.

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