Snow keeps snow plow drivers busy

Snow keeps snow plow drivers busy
ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. --This second round of snow in as many days means more long hours for snow plow drivers. Even if you think you drive well in the snow, a little bit of slush on the side of the road could cause you to lose control.

Snow started falling early Friday morning and didn’t stop until mid afternoon.

Most drivers on the Indiana Toll Road said they were shocked to see how well the roads were cleared.

"It's been surprisingly pretty good considering how much it's been snowing. They've been taking care of the roads really well,” said driver Anthony Delebreau.

"We're charging people for this road and we have to give them something for that and our company is a firm believer in taking care of our customers," said Pat Condon, Maintenance Manager (East Region) of Indiana Toll Road.

Condon and other snow plow drivers were out on 12-hour shifts clearing the road.

ABC57’s Meghan Schiller rode along with a snow plow driver who was clearing the shoulder of the road.

He said it was important to have clear shoulders because many people get one wheel in the slush and spin out.

Some drivers said they cut their speed and tried to exercise patience for those going well under the speed limit.

"I know that a lot of people are really frightened by it- you got to give them a break. And people take crazy chances, but how you going to get around it if you live up here?” said Dan Conti, a traveler on the Indiana Toll Road.
When driving in the snow or icy roads, turn off the cruise control so you have full braking control.

"What they don't realize is in this kind of weather you should never being using your cruise control,” said Condon.

They also say you should keep your gas tank full to weigh the car down.

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