Snow plow drivers benefitting from all the snow

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- All of the snow and cold weather has many people excited for spring, while others are thankful for the work.

Contractors at Foegely Landscaping say they measure how successful plow season is by the number of times they are called out to clear parking lots and sidewalks, not by the amount of snow we get.

With the frequent number of lake effect snow systems moving through Michiana this winter-they say it couldn't be better for business.

"It's kind of taxing on the guys, the equipment, your personal life, but it's been a really good thing," said Brian Hominiuk, Vice President of Foegely Landscaping.


With heavy amounts of snowfall coming early and often-local snow removal companies have been busy since last fall.


"We started pushing snow November 12 to be exact and here we are in the third week of January and we've been out 45 times," said Hominiuk.


They say they still haven't surpassed last year's success.


"The main difference between last year and this year is last year we had a lot of really small occurrences, you know an inch here, an inch and a half here, but this year it's been more system snow, it's been more significant snow," said Hominiuk.


Whether we continue to get a light dusting here or a heavy dumping there, those in the snow removal business just hopes it keeps coming.


"You have a whole lot of capital, you have a whole lot invested in your plows, your trucks, the prep for that, there's so much that goes into that if it doesn't snow it's not a good thing," said Hominiuk.

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